About Me  

Go for it now, The future is promised to no one
Hai and welcome to my website!

I'm "Sabari Kriesh" and this website is an effort to share my views of this world with all of you.

I have desire to travel & see more places, Photography is a passionate hobby for me and both are quite unrelated in a sense to my regular work in Computer Programming. I am passionate about technology, travel & photography and, not in any particular order!
Software developer
I'm into Application Programming
I'm a Wanderlust
Wanderlust: described as a strong desire for or impulse to travel and explore places.
Desire to Travel begins right from my school days. Since i spent most of my time in Hostel on my teen-age for studies, I was longing to see the world outside my hostel campus. It ignites the desire to have freedom, to travel, to see, to relax & to explore places.

Inside India
Domestic traveling inside India is really challenging because India comprises of 29 States and 7 Union Territories, each state has its own language, food habits and different culture & communicating with people is really tough unless we speak Hindi, which too is possible only in Northern Part of India. English is understood only in major establishments. I got some opportunities to see all of the 4 Major Indian cities ie.. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta & Chennai.

Go Beyond the Borders
International travel was once a dream; I was thinking it as a costly affair until i saw an advertisement on 26th of January 2010 by AirAsia in a News Magazine with an attracting caption "Now Everyone can fly". Little research on internet gave me an idea and possibility to explore overseas with limited budget.

My first overseas trip was custom designed by me and it was with friends. Yes, without friends it might not have happened. Thanks to all my friends and low cost airline AirAsia.

Internet, if used properly and positively, we can get lot of information and we can go places without hurdles.

Planning ahead, Traveling with companion, Traveling in MRT or Public transport, Clear knowledge about the place before departure makes your travel cheap & hassle-free.

Passion towards Photography
Even though i love taking photographs for several years, My Passion toward photography begins in mid 2008 as i saw my friend taking beautiful and memorable photos on D-SLR Cameras. I am still a beginner in Photography and i do feel thirsty in capturing wonderful moments, beautiful birds, colorful flowers, breath-taking landscapes, close to the heart macros and eye opening night shots.

I am learning, learning & still learning...