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5 Steps to Save Money while Booking AirAsia Flights Online

1. Find a good Promo deal
Unless you are in need of flying on specific date, look for a promo fare (some promo's are running year round) around the travel period you opt for.

2. Baggage

By default will Select 20KG as baggage limit instead of 15KG.
15KG is well enough unless you plan to go back to home with loads of shopping.
Remember, You can also carry a Hand luggage of 7KG apart from this checked baggage.
if you are a traveling for a short period, you can even choose the option "No Checked Bag"

3. Insurance

Cancel AirAsia Insurance. I'm not misguiding.
Travel Insurance is 100% necessary, that too for Overseas travel.
You can buy a Travel Insurance which covers your entire trip from any of your preferred Insurance Company

4. Seat Selection

Unless you are traveling with your romantic partner, you can always skip seat selection option (also you may get a chance to meet new friends).

Don't get carried away by the "Seat selection AirAsia Ad" below

5. Payment

Don't pay using Credit card unless otherwise you don't own a Bank account with Net-Banking facility.
Processing Fee on Credit card will be charged per person, not per booking, which may cost more in case of group booking.

Excluding the Savings on Promo Fares, you can save up-to  Rs.1,727 for Single Journey (Much more on Round Trip).

Happy Savings!!!

Are you a tourist, flying to Kuala Lumpur?

1. Airport Transfer

2. TuneTalk SIM Card

Right after reaching any international destination, all we need is a mobile connection to callback home & Airport transfer service to get into the city, for both of these things we need to pay in local money & unless we bring it from home, we need to find a money exchange at airport. makes its hassle free by offering solutions to buy Prepaid SIM Card & a seat in Bus to transfer in/from the city while you book an airticket on their website.