koh larn islands

How to Reach?
Getting to Koh Larn island is possible only via Pattaya.

It's much easier to get there, just walk to the beach in pattaya and you can find many speed boat operators. In fact you really don't need to find them, they will find you once you reach the beach road. Getting there by Speed boat will cost you around 1500Baht per boat (not per person) and can easily accommodate 6 to 8 persons. It will take 15 to 20 minutes to reach the island from pattaya beach.

Other cheaper alternative is by getting thru Ferry from Bali Hai Pier, the cost will be 30Baht per person. Almost all Songthaew (Shared pickup truck with 2 rows of seat at the back) or Motor Bike taxi driver knows this place, you can seek the help of them to get to Bali Hai Pier. You can pay as you board in to the Ferry. Traveling on ferry may take 45 to 60 minutes depending on climate and wind.

What to Carry?
Travel light; do not carry anything (except food) with you unless it's required to be used in the island. Even you do not need an extra pair of cloths. Pack some snacks and beverages with you before you start as everything is 2 to 3 times costlier inside the island. Never wear shoes. Footwear that's comfortable to walk in the beach is sold in many places in 2nd Road (the parallel road next to Beach Road).

Look at the footwear and ideal costume to visit the island; my friend recommends wearing such one.

Get Thrilled:
Getting there by Speed Boat will be a thrilling experience.

Smiling face on the right photograph and Brave hearted appearance on the left photograph is just for pose (including me), believe me it's almost nerve racking, very thrilling and bumpy ride.

People with severe back pain should avoid speed boat as the ride is very bumpy and you can not stick to a place even for a few seconds.
Be prepared to get wet even before getting into the speed boat and make sure to keep your camera in a water proof bag while riding on the speed boat.

Once you get there you can pay for a beach chair to relax and watch the activities happening on the beach. Beach chair rentals differ from 50 to 100 baht according to the comfort level. Yes, it's good for relaxing, people watching, hiding from the sun and even for a short sleep.

Easily you can spend half a day in the island. There are plenty of water sport related activities like Para-sailing, jet ski, banana boat riding and some more interesting activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and undersea walking.

Even though thousand of people visit this island every day, the white sandy beach is kept clean and the water is amazingly crystal clear.
Don't Miss:
The Trip to Koh Larn is incomplete without experiencing undersea walk. Almost every boat operators recommends you to experience it and will cost you around 1000 Baht (per person).

Be sure to follow the instructions given by the person who guides you to walk under the sea. You will feel the water pressure once you get down below the water level and will get used to it in few minutes. They do offer to take underwater video which costs several hundreds of Baht, do not miss that.