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How To Save Money on Accommodation
Every traveller have different needs, tastes, likes & budget too, and what's suitable for one doesn’t necessarily suitable for another. Hence the travel budget differs from person to person; Fix the budget for accommodation and you can find the right accommodation as per your budget using the tips below. More over you can save your money further by using the amenities provided by the hotel.

How To Find Budget Accommodation?
After booking flights, the next step is to plan for Accommodation. Spending money on accommodation while travelling is one of the biggest expenses a traveller will face. However, such expenses certainly need not be as high as one might think.

With some simple steps, it’s quite easy to find clean, comfortable and most importantly, affordable, places to stay any where in the world. So how does one begin the search for such accommodation? Yes, here are the methods I have used during my travel that have made me to stay hassle free without costing me too much money.

(Bali Summer Hotel, Bali)

Search Online:

Have a look at Hotel Booking Sites like,, ..... Provide the Country, City and Dates you need and you’ll instantly be provided with a list of hotels available with a description, prices for different room types and reviews from other travellers who have stayed in those hotels.

Subscribe to Mailing list:

Many Hotel Booking Websites have an option to subscribe to their mailing list. By Subscribing with them you can get regular emails from them with updates regarding offers running on various hotels on various occasions in certain cities and hotel chains from time to time. You can make use of their offer if your travel date and location matches with them.

Choose the Location:

Choosing the right location is the key factor for a hassle free travel, It should be ideally located to start explore the places you have planned. Find a place that meets your needs in terms of location, atmosphere and price, and make sure that it has good reviews. Choosing a hotel far away from the attractions you plan to visit can result in high transportation fares. Investigate the area’s public transportation system, and find out if you can walk to attractions from your hotel before you book your room.

Trip Advisor:

Go to and search for the hotel that you’ve chosen as your top priority. Read the reviews on Trip Advisor and compare those reviews to the ones on Hotel Booking Sites. The reason for this is that many hotels write fake reviews on hotel booking websites. Comparing with TripAdvisor reviews helps ensure that the reviews are from real travellers.

Verify with the Hotel Website:

Search for the hotel you choose to stay on Google, you can get direct website links for every hotel. Compare the hotel website for the prices with Hotel Booking Sites"; sometime they might get a cheaper deal. If the price seems to be cheaper, then send an email/make a call to the hotel to confirm the prices for the dates you plan. Sometime, this method might save you from unnecessary booking fees on "Hotel Booking Sites".

Be an Early Bird:

Many Hotel Booking Sites offers good price if you book the hotel prior to a month or a couple of months. I usually find and use such deals in & while I plan to book accommodation on my trips and many hotel chains do announce early bird offers. Also I find last minute deals on certain hotels by attracting customers with good discounts. You can save money by spending few hours online to identify such hotels. Better be an early bird to grab the deal.

Use Hotel Amenities & Save further
Before booking the Hotel, check for the hotel amenities that can save your travel budget. Most of the hotel serves complimentary breakfast, coffee maker in room, free shuttle service like that. Don’t underestimate these free perks; they can significantly impact your travel budget. Here is the list of amenities you can make us of and save further.

Buffet Breakfast:

Not every hotel provides free Buffet Breakfast. But I have seen many hotels provide Buffet Breakfast that includes in room tariff. Check with hotel website or Hotel Booking Site for the availability. Complimentary Buffet Breakfast not only saves money but also saves your morning hours in search of Restaurants.

Free WiFi:

Can't Imagine life without Internet. Internet and Mobile phone has become an integral part of our life. Even though SIM Card with data connection is almost available everywhere, in-Room Wi-Fi is better in terms of Speed & Connectivity. We can stay connected with Family & Friends using VOIP calls, checking mails, update social media sites and So on. To attract customers many hotel provide Free In-Room Wi-Fi or at-least a Wi-Fi Zone in Hotel Campus.

Coffee Tea maker:

I have seen many people addicted (yes of-course I'm also) to coffee and soon after wake-up it's hectic to search (Lazy too) for coffee shop around and it would be fine to sip a hot coffee in-room. It might cost a fraction of money, but saving money on coffee in a week long holiday might buy you a meal.

Bottled Water:

Water is the most essential commodity to carry while travelling . I have seen many shops selling water at high prices in touristy areas. Many hotel provide a litre of Bottled water per day as a complement, you can carry those unused or partially used bottles with you. Also you can top-up your bottles in hotel restaurant before leaving outside, it might sound crazy, but it's all about saving money.

Shuttle Service:

Some Hotel provides free shuttle service to near by attraction/MRT station/destination which reduces your reliance on taxis and public transportation. I have used such services on a trip to Thailand

Airport transfer:

While searching for hotel in i have found certain hotels offer free airport pickup & drop-off service if the guest stays for a long time (like a week long holiday). I have not used such free transfer service, but such type of service is certainly available in few hotels for long stay customers. Do check with hotel if they provide such thing.

Promotions & Discounts:

Some hotels will offer Welcome drink on arrival, free snacks, complimentary drinks at the hotel bar, discounts at the hotel’s spa or restaurants. Look for such promotions when you arrive at the hotel and you can make use of such things if available.

Apart from the above list, some hotels have swimming pool, fitness centre & game room that offer hours of free entertainment, you can make use of such amenities and keep yourself entertained.

My Hotel @ Sentral, KualaLumpur

Free Shuttle Service
Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok

Bali Summer Hotel, Bali