wow moments  

@ Batu Ferringhi Beach
Flown on October 1, 2010

Before going to Penang in Malaysia, I was searching in the internet to see some places there. I have added Batu Ferringhi Beach to my itinerary, since Water Sports & Para-sailing in beach seems very interesting.

After reaching Penang, I have insisted my friends to spend some time on “Batu Ferringhi” beach. Oh No!, I Can't, I got much fear when I see people flying at such high altitude over the sea with para-sail wing attached to the boat, I have denied experiencing Para-sailing after seeing it in real. It’s my friend “Anis” who takes the 1st chance to experience that & rest of the 2 follows, now it’s my turn; I had much fear to experience that. After very good feed-back from friends, I have finally decided to take the chance.

Oh! God, Wow! No words to describe. Flown high, felt light & experienced “Birds Eye view” of this Beautiful world.

Video Clip